I know I always say this, but is that entirely true: the weekend was fun.

With David Lopez Rodriguez had a good time and then, walking around the center, suddenly decided to go to the BDSM party, but as did not feel like going home and back, I had to resort to improvisation.

I died laughing because it was evening and the shops were closing so, running from side to side, I managed to sneak in a shoe shop that already had the average gate pitch with the excuse of seeing one thing one second. Caught a pair of gorgeous sandals (those in the photo) and went to pay as if no one had told me not attending more.

From there flying for a corset a couple of blocks away. The one I got did not have much to do with the theme of the party (the return to School”), but it served to muddle through.

As you can see in the photo of yesterday’s post, did not wear a droplet of make-up and that was a handicap. Rummaging in my bag I found rimmel and lipstick, but nothing more.

Laughing and careers and near Callao, saw a department store open et voil脿, a bit of concealer, a thin layer base makeup and everything in order.

Sometimes what we do not plan ends up being very fun.

And yesterday well, yesterday was not bad, but some things were pending to be resolved son 馃槈

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