Self Esteem

I am responsible for my actions and my feelings. The reactions that others have to me (and their feelings) are their responsibility, not mine.

I laugh a lot of myself and I assume my mistakes. I’m not dramatizing woman, but rather the opposite. A positive attitude is always half the ground gained to overcome problems.

I do not accept nor do I go by what others think or believe. I have my own judgment based on my own personal experiences, although at some point not be the best or most correct in the eyes of others, it is mine and I am worth.

I do not usually compare myself with others. I can admire qualities in other people, but I like the way I am. If others do not know or will not appreciate me, that’s their prerogative, but I can continue to live seamlessly with it.

It seems the Decalogue of self-esteem, right? hahaha.

I will not refer to roles, because I’ve seen great lacks of self-esteem and insecurities in members of all of them. These are just some guidelines that, if you really feel and live, work! Test 馃槈

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