More projects

These days I’m considering a new project. I am a woman with many interests and I find it hard to stay anchored in routine; I would rather jump from the trampoline to stay lying on a towel on the edge of the pool watching others have fun.

But it is something that is still in my mind and I have so much to do The seminar in Lleida, for example. Have you booked your tickets? Do not say that in Spain there are no events FemDom and BDSM :D

Anyway, as Jack the Ripper” said, one thing at time, that everything will come.

The truth is I want to do so many things that would need a few more lives to accomplish them all.

I have also been proposed to open a cocktail bar BDSM themed, but there is evidence that the premises of this style does not gel in Madrid. I do not know if the reason is that we love to complain that no BDSM sites here to go, but when they do, do not go (do you catch the sarcasm?). Anyway, I think it’s a complicated time to venture into a business of this nature.

The project that I think is another and, but for now will have to wait, do not rule. And of course, I’m always open to new suggestions.

As for the blog, I’m still digesting that in so little time is so successful, to recognize me on the street occasionally. I can only say I‘m so glad you like it and thank you for your visits.

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