Dominant Women

It is not uncommon for some women who want to start as Dominas ask me how they can do and what steps to follow. Answer that depends on the type of Domme who wish to be.

If what attracts them are occasional sessions, sufficient if deploy their feminine wiles” and enjoy all they want, and have previously agreed with their parteners.

If you want a more stable D/s relationship, and even make it your lifestyle, I think it is essential to really feel it, from the bowels. You can not convey what you don’t feel and potential submissives will capture right away if we only interpret a role or we really are, though at first make mistakes.

If you like to go into professional Domination, will have to get an adequate “trousseau”: clothing, tools, a place to develop the activities, get publicity and of course, always fully respect the limits agreed upon with the submissive attend your sessions.

There are women who do not realize the potential they have and, not being aware of their own strength, are lost in digressions.

Do not forget that the submissive is a tool for our pleasure, to please us in the way that we want and, at the same time, just that‘s what the submissive want, please us.

It is we who mark the rhythm, even if they come forward to do it all right now, or conversely, that one day they are listless and apathetic. We demand, require and command, they obey.

But most important of all are not fetish clothes or arrogant behavior, not a meticulously protocol, or that they may obey us without question. The main thing is to enjoy and that whatever we do, make us happy 馃槈

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