Test collars

In FemDom and BDSM there is lots of elasticity, few things are gridded and tight. Here come the familiar phrase “every person is a worldwhich by the way, if you stick to that sentence, ever would create discussion. Sometimes you have to generalize to expose facts or circumstances, otherwise we would seal any questions with these words in reply.

And since this is my blog, here I present my views and my ways of doing. There are other very respectable and some completely opposite, but you’re in CruelDama blog, so … : D

Some people are surprised when I say I do not believe in test collars. Yes, there is a period of mutual adaptation, in which I take time to know the aspiring to serve me and in which the potential servant knows me. At this stage we check if there is an affinity, if there is such magic essential for trust and complicity, which will be the basis of the relationship.

If I decide to give my necklace, I do it when I think it is appropriate, nor is there a preset time to the period of adaptation. With some things go slowly and others that “magic” is evident from the start.

But a test collar? Or I impose a necklace or I do not. When I grant it is because I’m sure I desire that slave for me, otherwise I never will, or will encourage the submissive to follow “testing“.

Is that when a submissive carrying a test collar and finally get the necklace owned by his Mistress does not have to continue to strive each day?

I do not believe such things. My collar means sacrifice means to me and for me. Adaptation time exceded, his goal is to serve me the best way (with nudgings on my part), but not for have gotten my necklace, but because it really is what he wants do and because he is convinced I am his Owner.

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