Exercising control

The early stages of a relationship are very intense both physical and mental levels. When we get that connection so sublime phase begins to discover the other, accept or cede control, to realize all those things we fantasized

However, we must be very aware of how far we want and analyze coldly where we want to become involved, even in these early stages it may seem that this vortex of lust, eroticism and passion will never end.

The submissive actually surrmdered may confuse that surrender with certain “dependence”. And so far so good if that’s the kind of relationship we want. But not all Mistresses wish slaves, many only want submissives. In addition, I have seen many relationships end badly for not knowing how to handle those overflowing emotions.

After those first sublime steps, come other more peaceful. And we must not forget that even the most fun and engaging may end up being a tedious routine in which the submissive follows demanding what is given when we want.

This is where we have to impose, because I like the initiative of my properties, their devotion, but I teach them not to bother me when trying to give me what I do not want, to shut up when I do not want to listen, to respect my space and wait until required.

A D/s relationship must be pleasant, never overwhelming.

The control they have given me is not to brag about having it, but to exercise it when necessary 馃槈

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