Event cancellation

There are things that I delegate in others. As the seminar of Lleida, for example. I left it in the hands of the organizers, accepting my participation in the event as a way of spreading FemDom and BDSM.

But there have been a number of disagreements with those responsible for the event, so much to regret all you wished to attend, I hereby canceled the seminar.

I am a very serious with the things that matter to me and I demand the same degree of seriousness in my staff. I guess I will cancel the ad I put on all the social networks, but I think it is better to do things right, and if not possible, I prefer not to do them.

No means any drama at all, but when I involve myself and I see no ‘color’, I usually cut their losses.

This does not mean there will be no other events, seminars or no other things, just the opposite. What it means is that CruelDama is a serious woman in what she does.

We will see in other sites, at other parties and in other places 馃槈

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