Deplorable shows

When a relationship ends, so we should stay is with those wonderful memories of so many things shared and lived with that person no longer walks with us (or at our feet) 馃槈

What need I have to air grievances or failures publicly when that person at the time gave me many other things that made me vibrate?

I’m not saying everyone is good, I also I have very unpleasant experiences, but I prefer to stay with the positive experiences and how much I enjoyed in some time.

Resentment leads to isolation and bitterness, anger into aggression and self-destruction, affecting both our quality of life and our environment. I refuse to anchor myself in those negative emotions with so many good things to enjoy.

I’m not a insensitiveand without sentiment woman. I also get angry and there are moments when let out the anger is very healthy, but after I take it out on the person (if I consider it necessary), life goes on and there are many people out there with whom to interact.

Roles apart, sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that others will behave in the same way we’d do or how we expect of them, regardless of the others have their own personality and their own perspective, which can be different from ours. Or just that the other person has realized that their interests are not the same as ours. And sometimes our mistake is to grant the power of what they do or say will affect us.

What I do not understand is that the members of an ended relationship are engaged airing dirty linen in public. This is quite common and the only thing that I feel is rejection. Neither I have no need to find out the offenses that either have engaged, nor interested me in the slightest.


  1. Airing one’s dirty linen in public does neither party any good and negative emotions such as hate, resentment and grudges are all heavy loads to bear that keep us from moving on with our lives. You are quite right to reject such emotions and remember the positive things that the relationship brought to your life, these will lighten the heart and enrich the spirit rather than drag it down into the gutter.

  2. In this day and age when people blog, tweet, share so much online some people unfortunately blur the lines and forget that some things are better kept private. When relationships end people who are hurt often alsh out in spite and unfortunately sharing online is becoming an increasingly popular way of doing so.


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