Trust and permissiveness

In the left column you can see that one of my fetishes is control. And I stand by that statement. But there is a difference between control and obsession.

I ask accounts when I consider it necessary or sometimes simply as a wake-up call to remember your site to any slave who would confuse permissiveness with unconcern.

I have a maxim that stands out in my relationships with mine: trust.

If I can not trust my slaves, is that everything fails. And if any lies with the mistake of break my trust, I face him with the facts in a gentle way and without drama, reminding him that if he does not want to stay on my stable, always can leave, doors are oppened. This tends to have an immediate effect on the submissive mind, finishing with unwanted behaviors in one stroke or inviting him to open those doors” to the close when leaving (from the outside, of course) 馃槈

There Mistresses which prohibit their submissives to hold a conversation in private with other Dominants. Mine have no restrictions in this regard. I feel sure of their surrender and I do not need to force” them to respect me.

He who desires be mine, feel mine, daily shows. And not just because it’s what is expected of him, but because it is what he really wants.

Recently a submissive told me:is that men see a panty gum and lose perspective.” Perfect, as if this panty is what fills you, go for it, that I will continue with my life 馃槈

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  1. There is much that can be learned by a submissive or slave communicating with other Dommes and vice versa. Communication is a good thing for both parties and does not mean a slave is being disloyal. Both Dommes and slaves vary in their character and their needs and exchanges of ideas between participants in this lifestyle can only serve to enrich all of our lives.


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