Wishes, desires…

I am visceral and need my pulsions and desires are satisfied when something catches my eye. If you do not get what I want, the way I want to, if you are not defined with my same goals and similar intensity, I lost interest and just to get away in other directions to find what for me is my reason for be at all times. Or it find me 馃槈

Do not neglect my responsibilities in my eagerness to move forward, even enjoy them, but at this point in my life I do not need ballasts and stun useless attempt to block my way.

And yet not lose sight of common sense, as I am extremely realistic.

I light with the gift of a new article of torture, a perfume that I like, a cash amount by surprise, physical sacrifice to and for me, real tears, a humiliated face I could love and subdue But if that is the result of a circumstantial hotty and can not keep up with me (or unwilling), I will satisfy my pulsions elsewhere.

Prefer a feast me when something (or someone) I am passionate about, than to try just one bite if I’m hungry. And if that someone is not going to be for me, all mine, my involvement will go blurring as the smoke of my cigarette.

I feel lucky to live as I want to. I have been reaching my goals. Sometimes I won and others lost. The price of risk is betting on what you want.

Now I want something really passionate, something that get to surprise me, adhering my tyranny and greed without question, that really enjoys being abducted when I choose, who suffers with a smile my possessive and absorbent instincts. True, I have more slaves, but now I want something different. Is there such slave who I fantasize? We’ll see :D

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