I am a very envied woman. In our country, anyone who stands out a bit is immediately criticized, at any sphere. And in FemDom not going to be less.

Many people can not respect what others do without getting weed or die of rabies. Envy is a extremely negative, destructive and useless feeling.

Sometimes envious people mask themselves of kindness, admiration and sympathy, but suffice to see a bit to check that they rejoice in the failures of others and suffering with the successes of others. And it has another name: hypocrisy. Are those people who come to kiss me with a smile when they see me, or leave me wonderful comments on social networks, to defame and slander me as soon as I turn around.

I could go on this subject because I have a legion of jealous and envious that admire me (envy is finally a way to covert admiration), but suffice to say it’s a shame that they waste their lives that way, unable to achieve their own goals and achievements.

That’s life, each choose how you prefer to live 馃檪

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