Start with the details

It’s amazing how we fall into the conventions in which we have been educated without even realizing it. Sometimes we act as expected of us by inertia.

Society is evolving, but in the collective subconscious persist those traditional “details”. There is still a palpable sexism in virtually all fields, from advertising to social behavior. However, although I don’t stick by these conventions, there are times I adopt social norms, without rigidities, as a matter of respect for others, but I think it would be good to change them.

Could it be that, as FemDom, I perceive such clerarly derogatory dyes towards my sex in the day. Expressions like sure who drives that car is a womanwhen that car hinders traffic flow, or “she is a slut, sleeps with everyone“, when if who do this is a man he is a macho” and is applauded the same behavior.

The society is male-centered, taking man as the measure and prototype focuses on the needs of male and everything revolves around him. It is the social construction has prevailed over the centuries, but things are slowly changing.

I will not make a tragedy of these details, but it’s good to recognize them and personally try to re-educate mine on respect towards females.

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