A life in eleven months

The blog is eleven months old and so much has happened

I’ve been showing every day as I am, I have written my opinions, my experiences, my life, I shared my pictures, I have done a few fun contests And also I have omitted many things, of course, as there are issues that remain in my privacy.

I have been envied, slandered, exalted, pyroped. Some have copied my texts, my sentences and even my photos have been adjudicated as their own. I’ve even been threatened with death!

I have been leaving bits of me and since I started this adventure Blogging I’ve met wonderful people, both real and online. Dommes, submissive, slave, Amos, switches, sadists, masochists, spankers, spankees, bondage artists, sissies, transgendered, Dominas My conclusion is highly enjoyable and positive.

Not that before publishing the blog did not know anyone, I’ve been many years in FemDom, but letting me know here has meant opening the door to many great people and, in turn, be welcomed by people I admire.

And this is CruelDama, the woman you read here, sadistic and Dominant, but with the wisdom and sense of reality that comes with age. Because yes, it is true, I am a mature Lady, but my genes are favorable to me :D

In this time I have not tried to lecture anyone, but to share my point of view and my opinions. You say you learn a lot from me, but I encourage you to seek other perspectives, that are and are very respectable.

Until this moment is a intense “diary” of eleven months. Will we get to a year? Time, my will and your visits will tell 馃槈


  1. Thank You for allowing me into Your world via this. oxox


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