The afternoon/evening of Saturday was very special. I had the privilege of meeting in person so two wonderful colleagues with whom I share many things. It’s very nice to meet real people, with values ​​that fully agree.

After attending Mistress Sejmet’s party (as always, a charming Lady and very nice meeting with many well-known of Madrid BDSM community to which I will not name out of respect for their privacy), we were talking about a thousand things for overnight.

Tutor is a Master of the few remaining and the picture and I was offered was a particularly emotional tenderness. Among a cigarette and another, the private exhibition of dressage was lengthened, combined with our desire to tell us many things, until morning.

We have so much in common, I’m looking forward they return to give another twist to my relationship with them. I prepared a couple of surprises that I know everyone will enjoy.

You have some wonderful photos of a female slave, wanting to further progress in her relationship with her Master and prepared to be the best for him (and now that she doen’t hear me, I will say that there are few like her, who feel the passion of the submission with the force that gives the real surrender).

My small tribute to Tutor and his alma, Master and slave, of the few facts that demonstrate that BDSM is much more than words.

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