Normally, the submissive without (or with little) experience, understands the satisfy the Mistressas providing certain number of orgasms. And we all are asked whether we have sex with our submissives or slaves.

That question says a lot of the one who formulates it because I do not rule out the sex of my relationship with my properties, but is not sex what I expect of them, plus I can have direct sex, indirect, I can demand it from him, I can deny it to hoard it for me, or delete it completely to my whim.

In my day to day there is sex if I feel like, if I want to grant, deny or force, but sex is not what I expect from mine, because I can have it in the time I want and with whom I want. I’m not a supermodel, but my physique usually attracts and so far I can say that no one has refused when I’ve applied for.

So strange is that satisfy the Mistressmeans many things other than sex? Personally I feel a great satisfaction when, for example, one of my slaves makes me feel proud of his advances, when his behavior is to my liking, when he offers me real sacrifices, when I have a bad day and he never leaves my side encouraging me with devotion

Why Dominants men never are asked if they have sex with their submissives?
Dominas are not aliens and we have our instincts as everyone, whether sexual, sadistic, psychological, physical or eating ice cream at the North Pole.

It takes time to overcome a series of steps to consolidate a relationship, but if you come off the bat asking if there will be sex or pretend that sex is the only thing that will be, I’ll go to the North Pole, I’ve never mastered to an Eskimo : D

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