We all make mistakes

I tend to be a very close woman and I have a lot of patience. But spare me the nonsense, I don’t like stupidities.

I have found that even in the most affective relationships is necessary to impose discipline and a ferrous control, otherwise the slave tends not to take seriously the important things and lose sight of his place.

Recently, I fell into the mistake of giving too much freedom to someone and I had just bothered by a myriad of details that were ruining the relationship.

Logically, who enters my service will abide by my rules. I can relax these rules at certain times, but from the first minute he will show me respect and will strive to be accepted and trained.

I do not want automatons, but neither funny” full of themselves conceited unable to understand what it means submission, not to mention slavery.

A Mistress is neither that woman that awakens your morbidity, nor the one you obey and see when you want. A Mistress is that Lady you surrender to, which obey because you was born to do, which you take care with care, to whom you yield control of your life, which makes you happy to serve and that you respect over of anything else.

Meditate on your priorities, I have mine very clear 馃槈

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