Human Goddess

I am very flattered by the comments you ded铆cate me, who does not like your effort is recognized or what woman does not like an educated compliment?

Yes, yes, there are also “other” comments, such as abuser“, mentally ill womanand niceties like that. But trolls has been, there are and will forever. I admit reviews, disrespect and insults, no 馃檪

But, despite the fact that I appreciate your words, I have to undeceive you: I am not the superwoman you imagine. I am a very normal woman, with my instincts and things very clear, with a long career behind me, but I’m not exempt from falling into further errors and to keep learning every day.

The submissive tends to magnify the Dominant woman and that leads to disappointment sooner or later. A Dominatrix is not an all powerful being, is a normal woman with the powers yourselves give her. (Now think what “a normal woman“, lol).

Nor am I the only one, as there are many other really admirable Ladies, both professional and amateur, that they might not have a blog as explicit as mine or just do not want to share their lives, but I have the honor of meeting a few.

Goddess?? Only at certain times I am, in those in which I feel magnificent exerting control, power, and my cruelty 馃槈

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