Things as they are

Sincerity is wonderful, would not you agree?

Sometimes, by social norms, we avoid expressing as we would like, we measure our words and hide anything else that we do not want to aerate.

Still it would be great to behave truthfully ahead in our collective and stop masking phrases, it is assumed we are adults aand aware of the subculture we integrate: FemDom and BDSM.

There are details that may be important to some and trivial to others, but I keep seeing little things that do not add up. I’m the first to admit that I am a great manipulative, which does not mean that I exert negative manipulation, because when I impose a collar, I do it with everything that this implies, my responsibility included.

Instead, many Dominants (and this is just an example) tell their submissive words like “I will never hurt you“, and a bit later they slap them letting their face like a map or just to ignore them. I point out that that of the slap or ignore them for whatever are things that I do too, but then, why they say them ever will hurt them? How nice it is to tell a slave how much he will suffer and that he accept 馃榾

You can see above in the title of the blog, under my Nick, which reads: You will suffer for Me. I do not see where the deception is often accused me. My sentence is extraordinarily clear and explicit.

Comment I‘m a good person automatically makes me a wonderful person? Not at all. The facts and our actions will determine who we are.

It’s a shame that even in our community are not able to show what they are, because if they were sincere they would have to endure criticism and comments as those devoted to me.

Anyway, perks of being honest in a world in which we assumed an open mind 馃槈

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