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I am a follower of many blogs (some of FemDom, other BDSM, fetish, of sissies, cuckolds, sadists, masochists), you can all check it out and find me on them.

There are some great, such as Mistress Roxy, to which I underline because I love the way she express and how much she transmits in each post. Images and lyrics manages to capture the attention and take us to her wonderful world (shame that many miles separate us, but life takes many turns and maybe one day we can share talk, laugh and who knows what else?).

Some blogs are more entertaining, others more simple in content, but we all have something to say or show, and we do. There are even blogs of blogs, that collect a certain topic and share them with us.

The offer is incredibly varied, even in the same subject, are as different as we are some bloggers from others.

I suppose our blog reflects how we are and, although some try to give an image that does not fit with reality, will eventually find themselves turning anger and frustration towards others adopting a tone of undeniable prepotency. Or on the contrary, other contagious optimism and joy of living what they are.

I’m not going to rag on veiled criticisms or furious attacks. I do not need. You are all very free to comment what you prefer to, that no one will change my way of living and feeling by releasing their poison in a virtual space.

Internet has provided us all a set of tools used by each as you want: to meet, interact and share many things with people all over the world that otherwise would be unthinkable.

By the way, I like to take the post to remind you that I love to link here those who have me in your space. But let me know, because you are so many that I can not go into all the blogs 馃槈

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  1. Thank You Mistress for following mine.



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