Supply and demand

There is a high percentage of fraudulent nicks. I mean that not all who auto-claim the title of Dominant are. And exactly the same goes for submissive nicks.

Dominant men often say to Dominant women that we have much more to choose from. Nothing is further from reality. What we do have are massive amounts of offers to serve, another thing is to have what we want.

And I’m not saying they are not entitled to have fun as they please, eye, but that 99% (and I’m short) of those offers do not correspond to what we want from a playmate or a D/s relationship.

Nor does all Dominant woman we complement with all submissives, if a vanilla lasting relationship is complicated, in FemDom this difficulty is enhanced by many other variables.

So we read and hear to submissives lamenting that there is no Mistresses and Mistresses tired of “false submissive.”

When we have some experience in these conflicts, we dismiss in a few sentences or mail exchanges not what we want, we have the role we have. Many only entertain and observe, others seek hard sex or a thousand other ways to express themselves and do not realize that there are those who want serious and stable D/s relationships. There are also those seeking hubby and nothing else, though willing this decorate with Dominant or submissive nicks.

But What about the excitement of discovering that being among so many wordiness that complements us? Do not you think it’s worth all our effort and our persistence, hours, days, weeks, months of talks with each other, to finally find that diamond in the rough to be polished that excites us and makes us tick?

I use to be ironic saying I’m very romantic, as when a special being, I tend to keep it for me. Of course my romanticism is quite peculiar, but that’s another story 馃槈

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