More events in Madrid

This Saturday there are two events here, the Torture Garden Madrid and BDSM Casting and the truth is I have not yet decided to attend one of them, or which one.

I thought to take the weekend to relaxing, but as the date approaches doubts arise, so you can tempt me with your offers and I’ll decide something.

In principle it could be an opportunity for the companion is offered but, as I say, I have still not very clear, so I’ll see what I do at the end. I always say I‘m unpredictable and those who know me can attest to that.

On one hand I feel like spending an evening meeting a willing pooch in a pleasant environment, meeting with many of my friends who will be in both places, but on the other I get a little lazy because I have a run-out to parties much moved.

You know that I like submissive with initiative, so I will take a decision after reading your proposals.

Who do you fancy an evening under the protection of CruelDama? 馃榾

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