Differences between submissives are huge, but today I will highlight two groups in broad strokes.

There are those that aim to surrender a D/s relationship that fit to he nearest millimeter to their preferences, but they enjoy talking with Mistresses and their body respond to it, they wonder why no searches are consummated. Finishes lamenting their fate and, although they can get an appointment and even some occasional session, continue their search like lost souls.

On the other side are those who manage to feel the magic of having met that special Woman and will no longer mind getting or not a D/s relationship to say they have Mistress, but to live it and enjoy it, even if that Woman is sadistic, allthough that Women have very different preferences or whims than their own, although She seems distant at times and passionate others. All that matters now is follow her feet, please her, pamper her even getting some contempts occasionally, strive for draw smiles on her face, make her happy.

Do you capture the difference? I‘m telling you seek magic, chemistry, passion, not any Mistress.

You can only surrender your body and enjoy those moments, but if you find a Women that get to beat your whole being, will you continue looking for another? 馃檪

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