Much nonsense!

You dedicated me pearls like a Lady like you do not have to wait for ever, simply snap your fingers“, or “if you have a bad day, take a whip and vent all you want, and even “who would want to leave a relationship with you?. I could go on, but I think these examples are enough.

Let’s see… It seems you have great fantasies and imagine me as the perennial and powerful Goddess before whom any mortal kneels down. But only your fantasies, not reality.

If I go to a crowded place, I wait like everyone else, although I send a slave for my drink, that is not that people open me a hallway and immediately appears a waiter with my drink in his hands.

If it I have a bad day, I eat it. Never brandish a whip if I’m angry or furious and feel much more logical to get pretty and go to oxygenate myself when something bothers me than to download an uncontrolled anger on one of my properties. I enjoy a session, do not seek revenge in a session, the more extreme it can be.

Who would want to leave a relationship with me? The answer is easy: anyone who wants to continue on his way, that FemDom and BDSM slavery has little or nothing to do with slavery of old days, although there are similarities in shapes, accessories and behaviors. Besides I do not want at my feet to anyone who does not want to be right there, by choice and conviction of their own.

Fantasizing is very healthy (I do it with a mansion full of dogs serving me, lol), but am a very realistic woman and alive in this world, not in my dreams.

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