Chat rooms as entertainment

These days I am going at times (while I wait for my food or I take a coffee) in the BDSM rooms of the IRC-Hispano chat.

There are all kinds of reactions when some recognize my nick ’cause know the blog. But it is curious that, for many years pass and though there is much more affluence that long ago and different nicks, barely changed overall.

I enter with antiprivate connected and open any from time to time, but usually prefer to observe the rooms or leave it open while I update other things. And among those private I open the door they are some who offering themselves without any limits (and not knowing anything about me, only what they see, one more nickname in the list of users) which, interestingly, after inviting them to take a look at the blog to know me, suddenly remember that they do have limits: D

There are those who say want a 24/7 as soon as possible and are willing to whatever. I wonder if they think any Domme will host at home without knowing them or if they really know what that means, that to fantasize is very respectable, but the reality can be very different from what they imagine.

There are those who spend their lives looking for morbid conversations with any Domme nick they see, those who just want instant relief to their horny and come with anxiety to add to skype to provide them with their assisted jerk off. And of course, when I laugh they finish insulting after having tried a surreal film they believe can interest me (to me or another Dominant Lady).

There is also a small percentage of nice people, I must say. Meeting respectful submissives also with a coherent conversation with which I maintain a more normal chat.

I guess my forays into BDSM chats reflect the situation, as the results are the same as I get in many other ways: there are most curious (they do not look for anything in particular, just chat and inform, but with sincerity of saying what are, or what they believe they are), many with horny emergency that someone please them, a few experienced in occasional sessions and a minority who feel and/or live really.

Of course, I’m talking about the submissive sector, which is the one who try to access my private. I can’t talk about the Dominants, I have not the pleasure of knowing them.

It’s fun to be there a while, but without abusing, that after a few private everything ends up being repetitive.

And by the way, no, this is not the chat I told you about a few months ago in another post. The name of the other I will save 馃槈

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