Unpredictable CruelDama

In some way, I’m sorry I missed BDSM and Fetish parties there was last night in Madrid, but only a little, because yesterday I decided to get away from the public scene, as already mentioned, enjoy a sabbatical weekend watching cinema, reading and private sessions of those who know when to start but not when it will end :D

But I have not the gift of ubiquity and needed this temporary relaxation, in which professional massages are included. By the way, if someone wants to hire his services in Madrid, know that also serves door to door and I thoroughly recommend him because, as he says, he has anti-crisis prices while still offering personalized attention.

And today will do the same, surfing the internet a little out there, visit my girlfriend (whom I leave here a big kiss) and other friends virtually and see a movie with my female slave, a home and lazy plan, with a shirt all attire. And I tell you no more, the rest I leave to your imagination :D

I’m nothing lazy, but sometimes forget about the world makes me feel wonderful.

I appreciate all the emails you sent me inviting me to the events of last night, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how many of you have offered as companions, but it will be another time, do not lose hope, that my disconnection lasts a couple of days 馃槈

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