Change of season

The summer leaves us and while on one hand I‘m not too excited for the winter yet, on the other hand I think of boots, hosiery, leather and all these fetish supplements I can wear every day.

Fashion stores exhibit autumn-winter novelties and, although it’s a little lazy dive between warm clothes, I have my eye on a nice leather tube skirt. So, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

With the heat we love the short skirts, open sandals and a pedicure to look immaculate, but with the cold arriving spectacular boots, stiletto endless heels, ecstatic massage of feet from a good slave after a day of shopping or walking by the city. Everything has its advantages 馃槈

Those of us that are very feminine and flirty, enjoy with costume changes, makeup and accessories, and what man does not like to look us pretty? In the game of seduction, a Lady can take advantage of many details and I am not of those who lost the great little pleasures, so some shoppingslave will be privileged to accompany me to test some things.

As always, proposals to my email, tiny tots, I never close my doors to meet a new faithfully puppy: D

Oh, yes! CruelDama is a Finantial Mistress, still not clear for you? lol.

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