Someone has plagiarized my nickname and my pictures and pretends to be me in some virtual sites. This is reportable, of course, but the donkey do not realize that what she (or he) is doing is working for me: D

He (or she) sents you to my blog and my website boasting of all the work done altruistically. Well, actually does so, as though this blog is my work, she (or he) makes me publicity out there. And once here, you see that the way to contact me is at my email, not his (or her).

I do not know if is someone who has no own life and is dedicated to trying to visualize how it would be to be me, or is it just that does not know the laws on the use of images of others or supplant an identity.

I will inform you:

If you create a fake profile impersonating someone else and use personal data of the impersonated person, such as photographs, it violates the right to self-image that stated in Article 18 of the Spanish Constitution. Moreover, in this case occurs identity theft, which is punishable by law penalty of imprisonment of up to three years under Article 401 of the penal code.

These laws are in force worldwide, varying prison sentences and fines imposed in each country.

Now Will he (or she) want to follow playing (and taking a chance)? 馃檪

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