Rules and elections

In the network we can find millions of pages dedicated to illustrate us on how to be a good submissive or a good Domme, how to behave each, what to think, what not to do, how to feel…

Well, I don’t like to wear more corsets that I choose for myself (in all senses) and standards of behavior of my slaves are not going to be dictated by a web page, but by me.

There are common patterns in members of all roles, but that does not mean we have to be clones of each other, or that which is not equal to the other does not feel his/her role.

Is more Dominant someone who follows a list of practices and protocols collected by others based on experiences of others and things they have read in books of others or who has personal experience and acts according to her/his preferences, tastes and convictions?

Is it more submissive someone who strictly follows a golden rules” that someone exhibits as dogmas or someone who submits to the rules of his Mistress?

My opinion is that it’s not needed to show how much we dominate (or obey) guided by the rules of others. But not intend to criticize those who prefer outside criteria, that we’re all free to do what we like. I prefer to be myself.

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