What enters through the eyes

Many of my contacts upload hardcore on social networks. And there are photos and video fragments really good, do not think I’m going to criticize, we all like, vicious! 馃榾

A few days ago I talked about how visual are men. And I ratify myself. When I upload a picture, there are many comments and participation, but when I upload a post, which involves the effort to read a little (my posts are not long), not so many who comment or respond.

And not a complaint, but confirmation of a fact.

Is most successful a picture that someone has copied of the Internet and shared on profile that reflections of someone who is not limited to images. And I am not talking about me, but of great blogs and forums, with real people, you have a lot to say and share it.

With some exceptions, here you enter to see pictures too, if I would not upload my photos the hit counter would not raise the way it does, but mine are homemade and unretouched, a poorly focused, other moves, daily, of some other party, more or less fetish but they are mine and that’s how I am.

Bah! I also started the blog with images taken from the network to illustrate the inputs and there are really good bloggers who prefer to do it that way.

In any case, popular sayings always has a proper sentence. Today could be: two tits throw away over than two carts. And who says tits… 馃榾

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