One afternoon to remember

This week I met with a friend who I had not seen a long time ago. She is fantastic, beautiful and fun. I think the echoes of our laughter still echo through the city.

Imagine two Mistresses mixed in the crowd from downtown and wanting to do mischief :D

The result was as expected. After catching up on our respective lives and news, just goofing around in a department store, trying on bizarre hats and freaking the shop assistant of that section, that the poor did not know who to meet, running after one or the other and blushing with our jokes.

The man endured like a champ with a somewhat forced smile (which encouraged us to continue playing), but it was clear that although he did not know how to fit it, he loved everything.

I came home exhausted and broken feet, but happy to have spent a fun afternoon with an amazing woman who, although different to me, we get along wonderfully and our meetings never remain unnoticed 馃槈

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