Out negativity

We all look for something. Some seek their dreamed Mistress, others a fling, some observe and take the time to choose what best suits their search, some let life pass their side lamenting their luck and there are those who believe the best is yet to come.

Without minimizing what I have already and fully enjoying it, I think I have still many things to live and sometimes I have the impression that, even journey I have traveled, I have roads and highways to discover.

I’m very positive and I tend to smile after breaking or error. Why my waste time whining having so much to do?

A stumble is just a misstep that exceeds going down the heels and sitting for a while. There will always be a slave willing to massage the area to alleviate it and come back to wear other heels most impossible yet :D

Happiness is not to show how happy we are, not to ignore adverse situations, but enjoy the small and fleeting moments and know how to establish positive relationships with others.

Dealing with difficult situations as a challenge or as an opportunity to learn, make us to develop skills and security.

Everything we perceive as negative will prevent to progress, so we have to give each thing the importance really have, though, be aware that there are things we can not change, so it’s best not to waste our time and energies with them.

I dedicate this post to someone who is drowning in her own glass of water and can not see beyond the glass 馃槈

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