I know my nick suggests I’m a heartless bitch (and a bad fox when you look where I say I am also Financial Mistress), and when you read me, unsettles the image that you had made about me.

I’m not going to disabuse, I admit to being also a sadist with few scruples, but everything has its time, right?

I love the humiliation, but I do not go through life humiliating worldwide. I enjoy spanking, but I don’t go out with a whip in each hand.

We all have a duality in our personalities. The secret to feeling good about oneself is to know to balance these two characters without giving up any (or we would be fooling ourselves).

I’ve been through so much because I‘m not to stand looking how others live. And all those things, good and bad, have been contributing to make me as I am, teaching me to express myself and distinguish when I can exert my cruelty and with whom I desire to do it.

People say many things about me: I’m a provocative, I’m a charming woman, I’m a bitch, I have no idea of 鈥嬧婦omination, I’m an exceptional Mistress, I am very protective of my own, my selfishness knows no bounds, that

Yes, I awake very opposite feelings. It would be so boring that everybody devote me cloying words all the time. I am as I am and nobody is forced to accept me.

How beautiful is life, with all its variety of creatures! 馃榾

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