Madrid does not rest

On Saturday I went to Chueca. I ran out of snuff and there is a 24 hours tobacco shop, so it was the perfect excuse for a walk with my female slave.

Upon arriving there was a very funny demonstration of transsexuals. A nourished group of girls with drums and a contagious rhythm were beginning the march in the Plaza de Chueca and it was inevitable join the party (and impossible to stop moving with them and the crowd that gathered in a moment). Hooray for the hypnotic percussion creative girls!

We were there for a good time sharing the joy and pride of many people who fight for their beliefs, in an original and attractive way, for later lost in the crowd of Gran V铆a.

The leisure activities in the center is endless: theaters, concerts, bars, restaurants, pubs, cinemas, alternative Madrid is always bustling, but Saturday night is truly spectacular.

We came home exhausted and delighted, direct to a refreshing bubble bath.

And yesterday was a day of relaxation, so I start the week with strength. Are you ready to dance to the sound of my drums? 馃榾

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