A different offer

I am working on finding a submissive willing to submit and surrender to a D/s couple. The applicant must live in Madrid or, failing that, scroll when required.

This couple of which I speak are very serious and have very clear what they want, but it seems not easy to find the true submissive that suits their desires.

This blog is not about contacts, much less, however I will be an active part in the matter of which I speak, and that somehow I will be a tutor of that submissive helping with his training.

He has years of real experience (with female submissives) and is straight and she is novice in the art of Domination. I appreciate both very much, hence my support for them. They are great people, I assure you that the chosen will be in good hands.

It so happens that they live out of Madrid, so real contact with the servant would be once a month, but with control and daily contact through other means.

They do not want a 24/7 slave (read well), and it would not be mine, but of them, because I will collaborate only in the beginning.

My friends want to build a long lasting relationship with their future submissive. Whoever is interested in the proposal can contact me at my email and I will give more details of this.

It is a fantastic opportunity for all who desire a real D/s relationship, though not the usual Mistress/slave, but Master/Mistress/slave. However, now do not come to make me feel dizzy asking me to help you all with your searches, that this is something very punctual that I want to do for two friends 馃槈

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