Excuse me Lady, do you have anything phallic?

Today I’ll talk about a very attractive book, albeit briefly, ’cause the author send it to me and it takes a few days to receive it.

This is the photo, Excuse me lady, do you have anything phallic?”, by matango.

Already the title promises, but it also includes a series of paintings, the artist’s own creations, so from afar, I find very attractive.

I recommend his blog, Ara vull ser el teu gos, where you can find out all the details, even the way to get the book if, like me, you do not live near Barcelona.

In the blog of matango you will find photos of the book, the work of the artist and the wonderful D贸mina Zara, iconic woman to which I have taken the liberty to link here (I’m a big fan of both, her work and her person and here I leave an affectionate hug if she reads me at some point).

The book has a very affordable price, do not be rats, then you buy expensive accessories online to play: D

I’ll wait to get my copy and read it to give my opinion though, so I’ve seen and read so far, I’m looking forward it arrives. I encourage you to do the same 馃槈

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