Surfing the Internet

For me, I grew up in a time before the internet, it is surprising to see day to day the effectiveness get to anywhere on the globe in just a click, to meet and share with people all around the world, can chat with both my neighbor to the building next door as a submissive in Australia in real time.

The volume of information flowing through the net is infinite and we have immediate access to anything. For new generations is something that always been there and do not give importance, but until not so long ago there were not even mobile phones. I still remember the first one I had, a huge and cumbersome brick which served to turn it off when not want to be reachable.

In social networks and forums we contact people of our favorite themes, create blogs, groups, add friends and acquaintances to our profiles All this was unthinkable a few years ago, as to meet new submissive had to resort to surrealist techniques and, if today is not easy to find what we want with all the means we have at our disposal, at that time had to juggle.

Virtual world has opened the door to all kinds of people: those truth, those pretending to be what they are not and a new figure that is dedicated to disturb through where he goes, the troll, that being that shines where someone heeds him.

Yes, I know, I‘m not telling you anything you do not know, but for me it is still a small miracle to write this post and reach so many people without leaving home or having breakfast in a coffee shop 馃槈

At the rate computer technology advances, will we be able to give away a lashing without getting out of bed? I mean physical whipping, mentally work remotely since the world began. USB Whips? lol

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