Landing in reality

Not all, but many of those who claim to want to surrender completely, and even live in 24/7, do not know what they say.

It is very good to fantasize, imagine what it would be one thing or another, but a slave not only have to be ready for it, but you have to really feel it (and not just think about it in these times of horny).

There are hard times in which it is not possible to postpone a task and take a break if the Owner want something to be abided immediately, nor you will have your time to your will, since it will be hers, you can not drink a beer watching the soccer match if she wants to go shopping or a relaxing foot massage, your sexual needs will be brought under her control and neither attention will be paid whenever you want, but when she wants.

It is not a fairy tale where all your dreams of being used come true, is the reality where maybe some of your fantasies will be materialized.

And it is not enough to want to serve a Lady, but give up many of your habits to become a property, park your ego prioritizing her wants and needs and learn to live in the background. Was exactly this what you thought? 馃榾

You propose me 24/7 without ever meet me in person, without I know you, do you think that’s coherent? And even knowing me, some came to buy furniture and appliances for an alleged home he would live with me because I was the woman of his life (disappearing from map as I put the cards face up during a dinner).

Meditate on if what you really desire is total slavery or just be a Mistress’s submissive, you’ll avoid wasting time and waste hers. Before barking, hear what she wants from you, I already have a 24/7 slave.

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