Happy Birthday to my blog!

A whole year to tell you my daily life, my adventures, my joys, my opinions, my ruptures, my dreams, my disappointments, to speak of my parties, friends, slaves, travels, anecdotes

I honestly did not think a year ago to arrive at today being so constant in my purpose, nor expected the welcome that the blog has had.

So much has happened since that October 27, 2012 that if I look back, on one hand it seems much longer, but otherwise has flown. Of course, I’m talking about the Spanish blog, this one is a few months younger.

I smile looking at old posts and remembering moments that have left reflected in letters and images, remembering a day of rage in which spent all my self control not to reflect it in the post, another in typing with a kleenex box next with a tremendous flu, one in which did things (that I will not tell you) while writing

For a year I wrote every day and, allthough for now I will continue doing, I ponder start spacing the posts. But it’s just an idea I have round and still maturing.

Many of you read me every day and I’m surprised all you know me when I know you in person, or when you find me on the street and come to greet me.

I have shared a year and I thank you for your company at this time 馃檪


  1. Thank You for sharing Your insights and wisdom. Love devina oxoxox

  2. Just think of how much better this world would be if those born with male chromosomes would let the wisdom of a Domme into their lives


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