Nobody does anything

Yesterday, walking with my slave, I witnessed horrified a scene in the street. We spoke to approach a nearby patisserie and I noticed a girl who walked crestfallen. A man gave her a shove that rolled her bags on the floor.

I don’t use to get into street riots or brawls of others, but that man shooked the woman grabbing by her shoulders. And she was not exactly a slave enjoying public humiliation.

Not talking about an empty street, but a downtown street. And nobody did anything. Nobody said anything.

When managed to reach to the scene, the woman was bleeding from her nose of the punch she had received. I could not do anything but try to get the attention of the aggressor yelling at my slave to call the police immediately.

The guy released her, watching the woman with hate, so I took the time to grab her arm and put her behind me without my eyes off the madman. He gave me a murderous glare, turned around and walked away with his fists clenched.

Police arrived when my slave gathered the victim‘s belongings. We told them what happened, we gave our personal data and went with the woman to the emergency department.

My bitch ​​says “Mistress, he was twice as big as you True, he could have also attacked me and I’m not superwoman, but at that time everything happens very quickly and that was my reaction.

I don’t tell you all this to you tell me how wonderful I am helping others, because I have seen stupid fights where neither I unfazed, but this was different.

I keep wondering astonished why all who passed near the scene, which were not few, pressed the pace and looked the other way.


  1. a problem of modern times. Who cares about his fellow people these days? We are all afraid of the aggressive type, since they have no limits, martial arts, knives, guns. it is all on tv, and all so easy to sue when you have lost the way! Great job, well done!

  2. The majority of people these days simply want to avoid getting involved in such drama irrespective of what harm one person might be doing to another. You demonstrated that it only takes one strong willed person to stand up to such bullies to make them think twice before continuing their aggression and often, once one person shows some spirit as you did, others will join in and back that person up if necessary. Trouble is, as you point out, rarely is one person so incensed by what is happening that they will intervene. Whether you thought about it or not and whether or not it was a spur of the moment thing to do, the world needs more people to do what you did.


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