A friend

Someone I appreciate once told me that we are all mediocre. Laughing I answered: some more mediocre than others.

This friend, companion in many adventures and laughter, tends to be very pessimistic, have very little patience with people and occasionally disappears for a while jaded of human stupidity.

However, although he has a low opinion of himself, for me is a great guy. That may be true, as he says, that he has always offered me a very different face he shows to others. But with that I stay and that’s what counts for me, his behavior with me.

He has been by my side in difficult times, distracting me with nonsense that made us mourn with laughter (even composed a song for me!). I learned a lot from him and we learned a lot together. He is of these people who remain on the sidelines but they are always there to support and help as needed. At least for me, because I know that he does not cost anything to be the more cutting, driven away the unwary.

We are very different even though we shared (and I hope we continue to share) so much.

As I know he gets very nervous with affection and flattery, I can not help telling you what a good person he is and dedicate him a kiss and my thanks (which he hates).

You may wonder if I talk about one of my slaves. The answer is no, he is neither my submissive nor my slave, he is my friend.

I look forward to reading his comment when discover this entry, knowing it may be today or next month. (Fear not, I will meander through your music as soon as you stop being angry, lol).

I will not end the post extolling the concept of friendship, as the most harmful stabs are precisely those that come from those we thought friends and I do not want to make a mystical/cloying entry, just a winking at someone special 馃槈

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