The lie

Absolute truth is subjective, its boundaries are blurred and each perceives his way. But lie is clearly accurate and sharp.

The concealment of the truth is a way of lie. And both, direct lying and hiding the truth, are the first thing a submissive or slave has to banish from his mind in relation to his Mistress.

You cant go wrong, you can make mistakes unintentionally, but omit them to avoid punishment means that not only you do not respect the Mistress, but your relationship with her is pure theater.

Do you realize that lying is a gap that will undermine your submission? So graceful is your surrender that you keep parcels just for yourself when she’s supposed the Owner of your body, your soul and your mind?

If you surrender to someone is because that person is the first, most important for you, your accomplice, your guide. Or is her just your Mistress when your genitals throb?

I am understanding for many things and no one is perfect, but much more disappoint me a slave hiding the truth proving that I can not trust him than the one who tells me his mistakes and opens his mind to me be the judge and correct what necessary.

If you are mine, you will feel much better and abiding confessing your fault and obeying my resolution, otherwise you expose yourself to be away from me unceremoniously to keep you living your hypocrisy at your ease, for that is what you yourself choose.

It’s nice to say you are owned, the complicated is to be consistent with it 馃槈

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  1. Absolute and open honesty is the only way. Our mistakes are important in that we should learn from them and so should never be hidden but treated as experience. Equally, a good Domme, while being unhappy about a confessed mistake should use it to good effect by educating the slave in ways to avoid the same mistake in the future – some discipline or punishment will help in this regard but a first time honest mistake that has been confessed should not be dealt with too harshly.


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