Time goes by

A bad bug just reminded me how little time until my birthday. Not that I worry about the passing years, no, she’s a bad lot because she has done it with the idea of ​​bothering me, and that has drawn a big smile on my face.

Although I am surprised by how old I am, I’m proud of it, because so far I really enjoyed intensely each of my years and I honestly think I’m wonderful :D

Each stage of life has its advantages and disadvantages, but I have enjoyed and will continue enjoying all of which are to come, as I am not of those who abandon and relegate themselves limiting their activities.

No, I am definitely not of those who resign themselves to be separated from the world with a cat and knitting needles for company (I prefer another type of needles and my human pets).

In addition, there is a birthday cake, candlesAnd gifts!I love gifts! hahaha.

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  1. With age comes experience which is no bad thing and it is not difficult to remain young at heart and enjoy life all the more through the benefit of that experience.


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