A few truths

Took several days without writing a transcendental” post (or more seriously, if you prefer), I also like trivialize and laugh at everything.

Some things are very serious and as such I treat them, but I dislike to pontificate nor tell you my opinions as dogmas, since I‘m not the priestess of any sect, but simply CruelDama, a woman who respects others. Unless those “others” demonstrate me they do not deserve my respect.

And yet, I prefer to ignore inanities to waste my time with nonsense, that there are many other things that deserve my attention.

As my nails, for example, I love the length they have achieved, but typing is becoming increasingly difficult (turning conversation alive!).

Anyway, there’s a whole beautiful day ahead and that of “oh, I didn’t know you are a Financial Mistressis already highly seen, orI do not live of BDSM” is beautiful, but some should revise their words or at least not be a hypocrite, in the end all we know everything (and do not need to point fingers), so let’s smile to life, that is so pretty 馃檪

My bitch 鈥嬧媗ook at me plaintively and it is clear she’s willing to go to have a drink with me and, as she has won (omit the reason), I’ll take a walk with her.

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