Expected visits

Rereading myself, I see I put many points on a few i’s this weekend, though without names or nicknames, I do not think it necessary.

It might seem that I’m angry, but not, at all. I just said things as they are, the fact that no give importance to those who have none, does not mean that I do not realize it.

And I could unleash real storms if I wanted, but not my style. No need to discredit anyone or sink reputations (which I could too). There, each with its own life, that I already have one to enjoy.

I’m lucky because I have great people around me and I am very selective, both with my friends and with my slaves.

Right now, for example, am excited about someone very special who comes from Amsterdam and is one of those people I met in my first forays into FemDom. It was sublime put a name to my instincts and my personality exploring BDSM.

It has been many years since we shared floor between Central Station and Dam Square and I’ve got many (and very good) memories of that epoch.

Those two girls (we were eighteen and nineteen years old) have matured, but they are still what they were, two Dominant Women that appreciate each other and have a lifetime to live 馃槈

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