I don’t like to give public performances, not even raise my voice to correct a behavior (privately is different), but this weekend I had to give a slap to one of my slaves in the street.

He was really winning it, and after a deep breath and just check that there were not much people around, I didn’t hesitate anymore.

The result of my action was instantaneous: he looked down and thanked my correction immediately.

I love jokes, laughter and trust, but I do not consent they lose sight of their place. If I rejected a petition, the answer will be negative for more they insist and as everything has a limit, my patience was not going to be less.

A leather gloved hand works miracles, provided that the hand belongs to the Mistress’s and the recipient of the caress a surrendered dog.

The harmony has returned to his relationship with me, it is what we both wanted, although he forgot for a moment. A small correction, a redemption by a fulfilled punishment and return to normal.

Not much time he is with me, but I like how fast he learns and his willingness to be to my liking. There will be other faults, of course, but for now we understand each other.

A training never ends and requires a lot of energy and dedication on both sides, but is not it great fun the way? 馃槈

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