Myths out

It seems that yesterday’s post raised hackles, lol. They came to tell me that I have enormous eggs (and other phrases in exclamations).

If being honest is to have eggs, then yes, I have a great deal of laying hens farms :D

I have no problem in talking about topics considered taboo even at this stage of our era. I don’t understand all this darkness that still persists in certain things.

You may agree with me or not, you might like the same practices that I like or not, but to hide my fetishes to look good With whom? I have nothing to hide and I am not ashamed of anything, quite the opposite, I’m proud of it and I like myself.

Whoever enters read my blog does it knowing to whom read and, although many do not attract the Financial Domination, if you keep coming I don’t think it’s because I decorate things to be liked around the world, but because CruelDama tells things in the way she feels and lives.

Anyway, I’m not going to change for them to accept me, so I will continue posting my opinions. And yes, I have a lot of eggs 馃槈

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