Madrid sucks

No, not that I don’t like my city or I get bored of it, is that Madrid is immersed in tons of trash with the strike of cleaning and gardening services. I hope that the agreement between governors and workers are nearby, as this is becoming unbearable.

We have six days without garbage collection sercice and, with the population density the city has, imagine how is this.

I understand that workers exert pressure measurements demanding the withdrawal of job files of regulation, but the situation is overflowing, because not only is not collected, it is spread.

Out for a walk is truly disgusting. You have to go dodging rubbish, smelling filth and not thinking about how wonderful fun for rats that will invade us if the situation does not change.

I do not usually talk about politics and this post is not of FemDom and BDSM, but this could be considered extreme sado. Do you dare to come sightseeing in these conditions?

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