Virtual world

I’m in so many groups all networks that I can not come every day in each. I guess we all do, to some invite us to other we request to join and sometimes leave because they are not what we expected.

Well, in my case are also those that eject me for being Financial Domme even without say any word (maybe contagious or I could make Money Fetish apology) and those that not admit me because their BDSM is far better than mine and I have no place among personages who know more than I do (come on, what I have believed?, much cooler to be a mouthpiece sub or master uploading pics from google, commenting with uhmmm“, releasing stale speeches about what is BDSM that are copy/paste of what someone else has said the day before on another site and drooling at the first pussy they see over there than to have the nerve to be a Real Mistress, of those who live it and feel really, where does it go?). (What a pleasure I have just get, lol).

But not everything is so absurd, that there are also great and wonderful people profiles with worthwhile exchange comments and a few laughs.

It is often said that on the Internet things are different and I don’t think so. What we can find in the networks is the same that is in the street: the ghost, the liar, the person with principles, the friendly, the grouchy they are in and out of the medium. Or is that in real life no one is trying to fool anyone?

I have connected with many people on the internet that, once in person, the friendship has strengthened. And also with others, by geographical location, I still maintain contact this way and are important for me. As with many worldwide Mistresses that would otherwise be imposible.

Each uses the network at their convenience, to ride their films about trying to live their lie and others to establish positive relationships with others. But that we do in everyday life too, right?

Have I become more sarcastic? No, is that I have a good day :D

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