Rush is not good

When desire and urgency to satisfy our impulses is compelling, we often make mistakes. Yes, I pluralized because myself included, as well as my instincts emerge and there have been times when I’ve taken hasty decisions that have turned out not be the most appropriate.

I could talk about my mistakes, but I think you have to learn from them and not stagnate ruminating them.

I assume my total and absolute mistake with who did not deserve even one minute of my confidence and my time (and I’m glad not having spent much, although sometimes it seems too much).

But the fact that we were defrauded is also partly our responsibility. We are what we have chosen to be, we choose the path we walk and those who have joined us along the way.

It’s fun and can be very satisfactory yield to improvise or occasional whims, do a little exciting madness or break the routine with something unexpected. But you need to ponder the important decisions and be aware of the consequences of those decisions.

Always I take into consideration a new candidate to serve me I tell that he takes the time to know me, time I need to know him, to enter into his mind and see if I am interested in what I see and feel. Now, if exceeded the adaptation period I take him to my service (and, of course, if he desires to surrender to me), then is I who make the decisions.

I use to break attempts to speed things up, because if I want a long lasting relationship, I prefer to build a strong foundation and do not build up in the air so that any breeze crumble my goals. And if I don’t see anything that interests me, I will put aside the eager candidate.

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  1. Taking time and moving slowly to develop a relationship, whether D/s or vanilla, is always going to provide a stronger foundation for the relationship than one developed on a whim so you are right to have an adaptation period and for it to take as long as is necessary for both you and the aspirant sub to feel comfortable.


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