These days I’m talking to a new toy. It is premature to present him as mine because life takes many turns and has yet to overcome many tests, but I think so far we understand.

I reject most of the proposals I receive because there has to be more than pretty words, empty promises and offers that do not interest me, but when something catches my eye, I see evolution and wiggles.

This puppy is well, I still don’t know what he is, but I know what he can be :D

He doesn’t make anything easy because, even when I make him feel comfortable he speaks more fluently, he is very introverted and I have to wrest the answers with corkscrew. But somehow (and to some extent) motivates me more to exercise my mind for cracks and crannies to enter his, that listening endless and repetitive speeches about what real good submissives they are and how much they are going to strive to serve me (to escape when any of my orders involves a little effort or when I exercise such control which ensured want to surrender).

But without abusing, of course, because if I see no the other party‘s response, just bored of rotating Rubik’s cube if I find more colors that faces the cube has. Or less.

Not rule out that the relationship does not curdle finally, because I’m realistic and contemplate all possibilities. Time will tell, for now the cat observes and drops some other mild claw to the mouse runs around.

He is not the only submissive I’m testing, there are others, but is worth this as an example of the importance of openness and naturalness. The one of the pic is one of my little sissies, isn’t him cute? 馃檪


  1. yes he is cute and You are wonderful


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